[Solved] How to Move Data from Android to iPhone after Setup?

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Part 1: How to transfer data from Android to iPhone after setup with easy solutions?


1. MobileTrans- Phone transfer

MobileTrans Phone Transfer provides many features to its millions of users to move data from Android to iPhone after setup manually. Its easy-to-use interface will save you time. You can do everything in a few mouse clicks, quickly transfer videos, music, photos, contacts, and virtually any type of file between multi-platforms.

It includes the essential features like:

  • Transfer of 17+ data types like photos, videos, WhatsApp chat, browser history, and so on.
  • Backup and restore data from computer to iOS or Android devices.
  • It supports multi-platform, including Mac, PC. Android and iPhone devices.

Let’s know the steps for transferring files.
Step 1: Download MobileTrans Phone Transfer
Download and install MobileTrans Phone Transfer on your computer. You will see several options on the window.
install mobiletrans
Step 2: Connect both devices
Connect your both Android and iPhone devices to your PC with the help of a USB cable. It will automatically identify the devices.
Step 3: Select the Phone Transfer
Choose the Phone Transfer for transferring your files between devices.
choose phone transfer
Step 4: Check the place of your devices
Your connected devices will show on the screen. You can click on “Flip” to change places of your connected devices. It ensures you the intended source and destination are in the proper place.
Step 5: Select files
Then select the type of files that you want to transfer from Android to iPhone. Choose the files you want to shift and press the Start button. Don’t disconnect either device during the process.
select files

2. PhoneTrans

PhoneTrans works on cross-platform to transfer Android to iPhone after setup. It offers to switch across iPhone, iPad, iOS devices, and over 20,000 Android devices freely. You can share all types of data on this platform. It allows over 32iOS and up to 12 Android data types transferring. You can even quickly move data from an old phone, backup, iCloud, iTunes library, or even from Google Account. Migrate your file with simple clicks. Get its premium version to access unlimited resources.
For a monthly subscription, it cost only $29.99. For an annual subscription, it is $35.99 and $45.99 for a one-time purchase.
Step 1: Download PhoneTrans
First, download the PhoneTrans. Launch it on your Windows or Mac. Once you set it up, choose Phone to Phone in the left panel. Tap on the Quick Transfer option.
click on quick transfer
Step 2: Connect both devices
Choose the Start Transfer option. Ensure you connect both Android and iPhone to your computer. Click the Transfer.
connect both devices
Step 3: Start transferring
Choose “Music” for instance, click on Transfer to begin the transfer process from Android to iPhone.
select music files to transfer

Part 2: How to move from Android to iPhone after setup without a computer?

If you wish to move data from Android to iPhone after setup without a computer, the below-suggested platform will provide you best service and the easiest way. Let’s know them in detail.

1. Move to iOS

Step 1: Complete initial steps
Before starting the process of moving data, make sure that your device’s Wi-Fi is active. Then plug your new iPhone and your Android into power. The content you move includes the data in the external Micro SD card of your Android. Besides, update the latest version of Chrome on your Android device to move from Android to iPhone after setup.
complete basic steps
Step 2: Tap Move Data from Android device
After setting up your iPhone, search for the Apps & Data, and tap Move Data from the Android device. If you had completed the setup, erase your iPhone and then start it over or manually transfer your content.
go to app & data
Step 3: Open the Move to iOS
On your Android, open the Move to iOS. Then tap Continue. Read appearing terms and conditions. To continue, click the Agree. Tap the Next found in the top-right corner of the screen that shows Find Your Code.
Step 4: Wait for a generated code
On your iPhone device, tap Continue on the screen that is called Move from Android. Wait for a ten-digit or a six-digit code that will soon appear.
wait for a code
Step 5: Use the code
Enter the code on your Android and wait for the Transfer Data screen.
Step 6: Select your data
On your Android, select your data that you want to transfer. Then click the Next. After completing the process, leave devices until finishing the loading bar appearing on your iPhone device. The whole data movement can take a few times, depending on how much you wish to transfer data from Android to iPhone after setup.
Step 7: Set up your iPhone device
After the loading bar finishes on your iPhone, click the Done button on your Android device. Tap Continue and follow the steps to complete the setup.

2. Send Anywhere

After installing the application on your iPhone and Android, sign up for an account or a plan.
Step 1: Open app and select files
Open Send Anywhere app and choose files.
open app and select
Step 2: Share the codes
Once selected, tap the “Send” icon. A digital 6-digit code and a QR code will show that you need to share with the receiver device.
digital code sharing
Step 3: Receive files
Now, the receiver can receive the files.

3. SHAREit

To move data from Android to iPhone after the initial setup of SHAREit, follow the steps below:
Step 1: Install SHAREit
First, download the SHAREit app and install it on both Android and iPhone.
install shareit
Step 2: Connect devices
Connect your Android and iPhone to the same Wi-Fi network connection.
Step 3: Go to category
On your Android, press the “Send” option. There will be a new window that shows all the files on the device categorized into different headings.
choose category
Step 4: Select files
Select the files that you like to transfer from Android to iPhone after setup.
choose your files
Step 5: Send option
After selecting all the files, tap the Send option. Then the device will ask for your permission to allow your GPS and Bluetooth.
sending permission
Step 6: Receive from iPhone
On your iPhone device, open the app. Press the “Receive” option. After giving permissions, the device will search for nearby devices operating the SHAREit app.
receiving device
Step 7: Complete the process
Send device will detect the receiver. Click on the receiver’s avatar and proceed with the transfer.

4. Email

Transferring via Email is simple and helps to share small-sized files from an Android to the iPhone. The process of sharing files by using an email program is almost the same. Let’s see the procedure to transfer data from Android to iPhone after setup.
Step 1: Open Email
Open an Email app on your Android device.
open email
Step 2: Compose file
Tap on Compose Email or tap onthe Plus icon on the mobile screen.
go to compose file
Step 3: Click on Attach a file or Attach Files
Press the button Attach a file or Attach Files found right behind the send mail option.
attach file
Step 4: Select files
You will see a new browser window screen. Then you can select any number of data from your internal or SD card storage of an Android device. After choosing the option “Open” or “Choose File,” all the selected files and data will attach to the Email.
select file and data
Step 5: Insert messages and send
Continue the process of composing the email. Then put the recipient’s email address. Write or insert any message that you want to send along with the data. Click the Send option.


Finally, we are closing our discussion regarding how to move data from Android to iPhone after setup. We believe you now know about some best platforms that you can use to transfer your files. Not only that but also you know how to operate them. Hence, it’s time to choose your perfect transferring tool, try them, and put them into practice to get the best result.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]

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