How to set Visdee AiDubber with Google Text-to-Speech API

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Part 1 Why we need google Text-to-Speech API

When you create videos or edit videos by dubbing from text word, and you don’t want to use the voice of a man, instead of which you want to get the voice-over via some softwares or machine, Fortunately Visdee AiDubber can help you to achieve easily. As you know Text-to-Speech is a kind of technology of AI service, Visdee AiDubber can make AI dubbing with the AI technology of Text-to-Speech automatically and easily.
Google Text-to-Speech technology provides the service to convert text into natural-sounding speech. Google Text-to-Speech API is free for individual with use-quota restrictions and google will charge users a litter for exceeding quota (it’s inexpensive, you can check the fees as below).
pricing table
Before the beginning of ai dubbing with Visdee AiDubber, you need to provide your google api license to Visdee AiDubber so that you can make your videos or movies dubbed without any inconvenience. (when you get your google api license, it’s easy to do it. Just one step likes below)
google voice
check and save

Part 2 How to Apply Google Text-to-Speech API

1. First of all, Register and login your Google cloud account

Open the link and click “login” (on right-top of the page) .
open text to speech
If you don’t have an account, you need to register first.
sign in google
After login, click “Try it free” to apply Google Text-to-Speech API. Google will guide you step by step
try it free
Set your account information according to the page:
account information
Fill in your Phone number then.
identity verification
And provide your Credit or debit Card for your billing. Google provide a free quota restriction (Credit of $300 USD), and will not charge until your free quota is used up.
start my free trial
Google will ask the user to verify his/her Credit or debit card to avoid a thief personation or misuses of your credit card
payment information verification

2. Then creat your api app/project

Open the link, and click the default project (My First Project) on the top as below to create your own defined project like “Visdee AiDubber”
click the default project
select a project
create my ai dubber project
When your project created, you can click the default project (My First Project) on the top again, then you can find your project. Click your project name to change your current dashboard.
change your current dashboard

3. Enable your Text-to-Speech API

Search “text to speech” on the top to find the api
Search text to speech
Click the Text-to-speech API and click “Enable”
click text to speech
After you enable the api, you can disable it anytime on your dashboard if you will not use it later.
enable the api
When you enable the api, “Create Credentials” by click the button like below:
Create Credentials
Click the “API KEY” first from the dropdown list, you will get you API KEY at once.
Then click the “Service account” from the dropdown list, you will get your Service client at once as the same.
credentrial type step 1
Fill in “Service account name”, and click “Creat and continue”.
credentrial type step 2
Select your role as “Owner” for this “Service account”.
credentrial type step 3
Then click “Done” to creat Google text to speech “Service account”.
credentrial type step 4

4. Download your Text-to-Speech API JSON file

Then you come to Credentials account list dashboard, and click the email title below “Service account”.
credentrial type step 5
Click the Key tab and click “ADD KEY, to “Creat a new key”.
credentrial type step 6
credentrial type step 7
When you come to this page, just select “JSON” and click “Creat”, then you will get the Json file download automatically.
credentrial type step 7
Then you can find your downloaded Json file in your “download folder”
credentrial type step 7

Part 3  Set your google Text-to-Speech API to Visdee AiDubber

Click Setting button and go to “Google Voice”
google voice
The Last step to select your file of ( JSON file you downloaded as we done through above steps in Part 2 ) ,and Check and save, and everything is done.
check and save
Congratulations, you can dub your video with Visdee AiDubber now. Enjoy your pleasant journey with Visdee AiDubber[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]

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