How to replace the original background music of the video with your music?

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Video editing has become very needy for people worldwide to get perfect videos as per requirement. However, you cannot fulfill such top-grossing ventures without the proper solution. Perfection in video editing is not effortless with available applications by default on your desktop. You can replace the original background music of the video with your selected music in your video and get accurate results by trying out any specially designed software for editing videos. Such video editing software will let you change or remove background from video in many different manners. You can also mute your videos, change music, or replace them with your addictive music effects from the library. Along with changing sound effects, you will get better options and mechanisms for video editing with a more intuitive and cohesive interface.
This article will let you know about such kinds of platforms to change or remove background music. You will also find the best introduction with a perfect solution of changing soundtracks with two different application methods to change the sound in the video.

Part 1: Easy way to change/remove background music from a video

Visdee AiDubber is the best and wisest option to change the background music of video. This unique and powerful AI video recreation tool will help you change or remove background music and create original videos. Its offered powerful features will be a super friendly option to help you meet your personalized needs so that you can recreate your own designed and captured videos quickly. You can grab the footage (video or image) simply in one click. You can create videos by adding voiceover, text content, and subtitles. Visdee AiDubber offers more than 20 tools to remove background music from video, intro & outro, subtitles, watermarks, etc. You will be able to complete your video production with 100 times faster speed with its 25 video recreation and dubbing modes.

What are the specific features that Visdee AiDubber will provide you with the best editing video experiences along with changing or removing background sounds or music from videos or audios? Let’s take a brief overlook at its offered features:

  • There are over 25 video dubbing modes, text to speech, and automatic dub to video options.
  • Five modes include single video mode, single audio mode, multi-video mode, multi-image mode, and multi-scenes mode.
  • Each mode has five different dubbing ways (MP3+srt dubbing, MP3+ass dubbing, txt dubbing, srt dubbing, and MP3 dubbing).
  • Editing Features to remove or add intro, outro, and watermark from video, convert video to horizontal or vertical, adjust video speed (0.5-2x rate) and resolution.
  • Deep de-duplication solution to adjust and change video frame rate, set image layer, crop video into multiple clips, and modify metadata.
  • Video Effects include video mirroring, extracting and adding portraits from videos, blending, modifying background colors, images, videos, etc.
  • Features include dubbing, subtitling, watermark settings, creating HD cover design, slideshow making, subtitle extraction, and more.
  • More than 20+ video creating tools: video editing, changing background music, dubbing, matting, subtitle extraction, duplicate removal, adding effects, cover, etc.
  • Powerful video batch processing tools: add intro and outro, add/remove watermarks, and video production.
  • Save the creation preferences to use it without repeating the settings later directly.

If you choose this multi-tasked video editor, you may be curious about how to replace/change the background music of the video.
Step 1: Download Visdee and to insert video
After downloading and installing Visdee, open it on your windows. Choose any video mode from the given five. Let’s select ‘Single Video’ mode.
choose video mode
Step 2: Insert a video
Go to ‘Open>File’ from the left side of the Visdee’s windows. Select file and click on the ‘Open’ to upload.
insert video file
Step 3: Click on the ‘Background Sound’ option
Tap on the ‘Postprocessing’ and check the ‘Background Sound’ option
click on background sound
Step 4: Go to Music Folder
Go to the ‘Music Folder’ option from the pop-up windows and tap on it. Select the background music folder to replace or change with the present audio of the video.
choose music folder
Step 5: Check the ‘Cover’ button
Choose the ‘Cover’ option on Visdee after choosing the music file.
check cover option
Step 6: Start the process
After completing these pre-process tasks, click on the ‘Start’ option below to start the process.
start the process
After hitting the Start option, wait till changing/replacing background music completes. You will know about the ending of the process below the main interface of Visdee.
end the process
Step 7: Check the final video
Now, you can recheck the video by clicking on it and enjoying the video with replaced music background.
check finalized video
Note: You can change/replace/remove background music from multiple videos or images by selecting other modes like ‘multi-video mode’.

Part 2: How to remove background music from audio and keep voice

If you think to change or remove background music from audio online, the vocal remover app can remove noise and keep voice. You can easily enjoy your acapella song version by eliminating the background music or noise from songs. Let’s check the steps-by-steps guide.
Step 1: Go to
Visit the website of first.
go to the official website
Step 2: Insert audio file
Click on the option ‘Drag and drop an audio file here or Browse…’ and select your audio file.
select audio file
Step 3: Process the file
After choosing the file, tap on the option ‘Separate Vocal and Music,’ It will take time to upload the file and process it.
process selected file
Step 4: Download the audio
After completing the process, your file will download automatically in a zip file.
get the downloaded file
Convert zip file and enjoy two files in which one has the voice, another has music only.
get both files
Though this also seems easy, there are some complexities you will face while using the online process to remove background music or noise.

  • You can’t choose a large file.
  • There is a size limit while using it for free.
  • The process can be lengthy for large files.

Part 3: How to remove the background noise from audio

It is also possible to remove background noise from an audio soundtrack online using VEED.IO. Check the steps to remove background music or noise from the audio file.
Step 1: Upload an audio
Go to VEED.IO and upload your audio files easily in your browser.
insert an audio file
Step 2: Remove background noise
Click on the voice file, select the ‘Settings’ option, ‘Clean Audio’ option, and it will automatically remove background noise in seconds.
select clean audio option
Step 3: Download
You will get the final noiseless audio by clicking the ‘Export’ option.
export file
There are some issues, too, while operating and getting tasks completed. Free features won’t allow you to take large files. The processing files might take more time than average. And you will have to ensure perfect internet connection for operating online platform.
At the last stage of our discussion regarding how to change the background music in the video, we believe you have the perfect idea to change or remove background music from the video. As you have seen, there will be a lot of complexities while using any online tool to remove background music or noise. There might become uncertainty to getting the final accurate file with the online program. So, our best recommendation for you will be Visdee AiDubber, the all-in-all video editing solution with powerful features available. You will get an accurate result with it and enjoy the process of changing or removing background music from the videos and audios.

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